Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wow! Time Does Fly!

I've realized that life with a baby makes everything go by faster! Not trying to sound cliche, but it seriously feels like Phoenix was just a newborn! Sebastian reminded me this morning that in a few days Phoenix is going to be 8 months old! Whaaat?!?! (Psych reference for those viewers) And since I last blogged about Phoenix being 5 months old, I'll give a quick highlight of what is going on with the Stricklers with an almost 8 month old!
Let's start with the Phoenix boy!  At his 6 month appointment he was weighing in at 19 lbs and 27 inches long! He's a big guy! He has 4 teeth--2 top, 2 bottom--and he LOVES eating! He goes through baby food like no one's business! He's crawling and pulling himself up on everything and getting into everything as well! (Keeping us on our toes and constantly chasing him around!)
 He's walking along all the furniture and we think that he's going to start walking on his own soon. (insert sarcastic "yay!" right here!) He also is a fan of music and loves dancing to music. He plays pat-a-cake and says "Dada", "Mama", and "yay"! We're so proud of him! (if you couldn't tell by the whole list of brags I came up with! haha!) The only thing he's lacking We're seriously considering is a toupee.
(Did I also mention that he's quite the equestrian as well?? He oft rides in the country side in the morn)

Now onto Phoenix's parents....we're good. Obsessed with this baby! The end.
Haha! Just jokes! We're doing great! We kiss Phoenix more than he likes and we laugh and play and lose sleep with him! (another sarcastic "yay" please)
I've just been working and keeping it real! The best thing to happen to me is my domination of cookies! I finally mastered the art of cookie making!!!! Holla! So, to our diet's dismay, I'm making cookies multiple times a week--woops! But I am doing zumba almost everyday so it cancels the cookies out, right??? :)
Sebastian is awesome! He's rocking school--taking most of his classes online and doing a great job staying on top of it all! Sebastian is super crazy about his baby boy Phoenix! He's also going to start playing Hurling (Irish field hockey) soon! Yay!
But Strickler life is good! We have some great adventures coming up and we're loving life!

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  1. You guys are the best parents to him you guys have the cutest little kid.