Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Phoenix

Well, he's 5 weeks old and I better blog about him and introduce him! He's Phoenix Lysander Strickler and we are so in love with him! He's the perfect baby--I couldn't have asked for a better baby! Let's start with "The Story"... :)

It was June 1st and Phoenix's due date and Sebastian was sick. He didn't feel well and slept most of the day. He had a fever that evening and, of course, that's when I started having contractions! So between taking care of Sebastian and having contractions, I didn't get much sleep! About 3am, the contractions were getting pretty regular and by 9am they were 10 minutes apart and getting closer and closer! I called the Dr office at 11:30am and was told to call back at 2pm when my contractions were closer together and more intense! Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed about having to wait! But, by noon the contractions were every 4-5 minutes and oober painful, and, of course, EVERYONE in the Dr office was at lunch when I called at 12:25pm! So, Sebastian and I gathered our bags and drove to the hospital. (The whole way I was telling Sebastian to drive faster--but I'm pretty sure driving 70mph on highway 20 is plenty fast!)
We were admitted in to the hospital at 2:30pm and I was at 5cm dilated (all the nurses were impressed with how long I labored at home! I felt like a hot-shot!)
So, then came the moms (my mom and Sebastian's mom) and a short 6(ish) hours after being admitted to the hospital, extreme back labor, and an epidural that didn't quite was time to push! And 45 minutes later, Phoenix was born! (Side note: the Dr barely made in time--she walked in putting her booties on as his head was coming out!)
But he was healthy and hefty--weighing 9lbs 7oz, 20 1/2 inches long!
We're so blessed to have such a great baby! We've loved the past 5 weeks and just can't get enough of him! I feel super grateful to have Sebastian to help me--he even takes the night shifts with the baby so I can sleep! Love him!!! :)
Here are the most recent pictures of our sweet baby boy!