Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disneyland and Pregnancy...

You may ask yourself, "what is a gal to do when she's 34 weeks pregnant??" Well, the answer is simple! She must spend the weekend in Disneyland!
Here's how it all went down...
As you may recall, I worked at DisneyWorld the summer before Sebastian and I got married! Yay for the fun! And when I came back and started going to school again, I was a Campus Rep for the College Program and during that time I earned two 1-day park hoppers! Which I forgot about until I recently received an email informing me that they were expiring April 30th! So, being the crazy and spontaneous kids we are, we took advantage of the last week I can travel before the baby comes and headed down to Disneyland! :)

 On the tram to Disneyland! Sebastian didn't have any idea what sort of fun was in store! (and I couldn't contain my excitement!!!) We started the morning in Disneyland!

 Sebastian's first Disney ride--The Jungle Cruise! We could only go on the more "mellow" rides due to my fragile state (I did try to trick to Sebastian onto letting me go on a couple bigger rides!) It was great because we could experience the park more and less of the crazy lines :) But, we already are looking at when to go back so we can ride those big rides! (If I have it my way, next stop will be DisneyWorld!)

 In line for one of my favorites--Peter Pan's Flight :)

 Sebastian's first Mickey Ears! Styled after R2D2 with Sebastian's name on the back! I forgot to bring mine, but Sebastian proudly wore his all day! :) 

 One thing I was looking forward to the most...a Mickey Premium Bar. It's like mana from Heaven. promise.

 California Adventure in the afternoon! 

 The LONGEST line, but SOO worth it! Toy Story Mania! So much fun and a new favorite for the Stricklers!

 And...I kicked Sebastian's butt at Toy Story Mania! (and I wasn't even trying!)

 Dreams really do come true....

It was such a great weekend and we had some much-needed time together! Life has been crazy with both of us working opposite schedules and Sebastian going to school and getting ready for the baby that I feel like we haven't had time to be together for the past month! So I'm really glad we were able to do one last crazy thing together before the baby comes! Thanks Sebastian for being so wonderful and taking your crazy Disney-obsessed 34 1/2 week pregnant wife to Disneyland!!! :) I love you so much! :)