Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Deep South!

Okay, I FAIL at blogging!!! I've been so busy (new job!) that I've hardly had time to remember to take a shower, let alone remember that I haven't blogged about our AMAZING trip that happened about a month ago!!! Sheesh!
But, here it goes....our trip to Mississippi was unforgettable and I loved every minute of it! (except for maybe the red headed child next to me who was throwing up on the flight down there and her father, who was sitting uncomfortably close, on the other side of me--didn't make sense!) But, the trip was great! My family LOVED Sebastian and Sebastian loves them! And, almost as important, Sebastian loves the South! (He's already planning our next trip down there!) But, here's our trip in pictures!
Jaiden LOVED his first plane ride (he actually started whining when we had to get off the plane!)
Uncle was SO excited to have Jaiden there--they had to sleep together! Such buddies :)
New Orleans the next day, or the day that Jordan just said, "Hi Jaiden, I'm Jordan!" and he was in love with her! (He wouldn't go to anyone else but Jordan!)
Bourbon Street--where we saw plenty of nudey bars! 
Family picture!
We had a great lunch with Alice! Love her so much!!!
And we had just enough energy to go swimming!
Sebastian's first time in the Gulf of Mexico! 
(Let's protect our Gulf Coast!!!)
Dog pile on Sebastian! Three of my favorite men!
How is this not adorable?! (Jaiden made that pose on his own--no one told him to do that!)
Happy Graduation, Jordan! :) 
This is just a brief synopsis of our incredible trip! I love it and had SO much fun!!! :) Hurrah for good friends, family, and food!!!--which basically sums up Mississippi.

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