Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oregon, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon

11 days on the open road and we still love each other. It's a miracle! :) In December, we started planning a trip. A road trip. The biggest and greatest road trip ever. It is a road trip that could even rival Goofy and Max's road trip on A Goofy Movie. Instead of giving a run through of our trip with tons of pictures (all of which are on facebook), I thought I'd talk about the people on our trip! This trip was incredible because of the people we spent time with--such wonderfully amazing people! :) So, here are the people of our 3,000 mile road trip through seven states!
Our first stop was Kennewick, Washington to spend the night with my grandparents! We love them so much and it was fantastic to spend time with them! They are full of great stories and always have the funnest things to say! :)
 Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures with them, but we did take pictures at the Columbia River Temple, which is right next to them! :)

Next stop was Rexburg, Idaho! Not my favorite climate, but I love the people there! :) Best friends are truly the best friends, and that's who we found in Rexburg!

 Sebastian and Chad enjoying some Ramirez!

Micah and I not missing a photo opportunity in Porters!

Next stop was Provo, Utah to visit some mission people (the Billings family and Derek Noyes--Sebastian's last companion--both of which we unfortunately didn't get pictures with! But we love them still the same!!!) Also in Provo were more best friends! 

 Mark and Sebastian! Never a better friend than Mark :)

Karleigh was too kind to entertain with a bum foot! (and to send me all the stuff I forgot!--Thanks again, Karleigh!!!)

Brer Corinne! (Seville's Disney friend!) at Hogle Zoo! Epic adventures, as always!

After spending good times with good friends in Provo, we jetted down to Cedar City, Utah! This was Sebastian's second area on his mission, and he hadn't been there since he served there--so about 4 years! We stayed with the Garners--a fantastic family who I was thrilled to meet! And, funny story, their son served part of his mission in Albany, and I had actually met him while he was serving here! Small world, huh??

"Mama" Garner

And the dog, Piper, who used to not be a fan of Sebastian--miracles do happen!!

We did visit some more amazing families while in Cedar City, but failed to take pictures (which I'm now really kicking myself for!)
But after Cedar City, our next destination was St. George--which we absolutely fell in love with! St. George is beautiful and sunny--if you've never been there, we highly recommend it! :) St. George was also Sebastian's first area and, like Cedar City, he hadn't been back to visit since he served there!

The Ashbys--Sebastian taught them when he was a greenie! The gratitude Heidi had to him was incredible and made me realize how important missionary work truly is! Way to be, Husband! :)

 And now we're to the Rogers--the family we stayed with in St. George! What a brilliant family! We love the Rogers family! They were so good to us and we had so much fun with them!!! :)

Our last stop was Vegas, where we stayed with Sebastian's Mom's best friend (so basically Sebastian's Aunt!) We had so much fun as she took us around to see Sebastian's old stomping ground--she's so much like Lisa, it's insane! We also were able to see my cousin and his cousin in their new and adorable house! It was great visiting with them!

Here's us at the Vegas temple...that was quite the adventure trying to find it! 

 And another adventure had was with Melissa, who thought that we were going in the entrance of Stripburger and didn't realize until we began to order that we were in a mexican restaurant :)

Our trip was full of wonderful people that truly made our trip as wonderful as it was! I loved seeing old friends and being able to catch up, visiting with family, and meeting the people who loved my husband while he was serving a mission. I am so grateful for all those who let us crash with them and for all who took time to see us! And a special thanks goes out to all the "mission families" we visited--thank you for being so good to Sebastian and making his mission so wonderful. Your kindness means so much more than you'll know :)