Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Cute Little Place!

We moved! I know this is old news, but I haven't been able to blog about it yet!!! The entire process of finding a place, getting approved, and moving took about 2 weeks total...it's been really crazy! But, we love our place and we're so happy to have a Strickler Abode! (Thanks to Mom and Calvin for letting us crash with them for 6 months! We love you guys!)
But, here are some pictures of our cute abode! We're not finished decorating yet, so please forgive the bare walls! (they won't be bare for too long...I can't handle the white walls!)
The day we moved in....a little tired :)
Our cute kitchen! The sign above the sink, made by Miss Micah Henneke, says "Music is the Prayer the Heart Sings"
Our "Family" wall
And the entertainment center! We have no TV, so we watch movies on our laptop for entertainment! And Carissa is making us a canvas painting for that nasty bare wall! 
It's a work in progress, but we love it so much! Our first little Strickler Abode! Thanks again to all those who sent us gifts for the wedding---we loved opening them up again while unpacking! It was like Christmas all over again! :)