Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to School....

Well, this is a wee bit late--but better to have blogged than to have not blogged at all! 
So we started back up to school last week and--if I may be so bold to say--I am ready for it to be over already!!! Our schedules are so crazy busy that most days the only time we see each other is when we get home from work, but at that time we're both working on homework and being exhausted! Sheesh! Will it ever end?! (But, sadly, I have a feeling this term is preparing us for the "real world") 
I'm so proud of us though--Sebastian's taking 17 credits between OSU and LBCC! And working over 20 hours at Crossroads! (Yeah--that's my man!!) I'm only taking 9 credits at LBCC (but 5 of those credits is a single chemistry class) and I'm working 2 jobs!! So--it's really no wonder why our time together is limited!
But, this will be good a term! Chins up! :) It will build character and then we're that much closer to being done!!!