Monday, December 27, 2010

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dreams Truly Do Come True!

It is a fact that I want to be Lady Gaga and have Freddie Mercury as my man. Well, my dreams came true in the form of Halloween-it truly was a Halloween miracle!

 My Mr. Mercury (Wembley style!)

 Rock Royalty? I think so!

 Po-po-po-poker face!

Up-close of Carissa's make-up work! (and I just noticed that my right eye is tweaking a bit!)

But, in conclusion, my dreams did come true and life is bliss :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Deep South!

Okay, I FAIL at blogging!!! I've been so busy (new job!) that I've hardly had time to remember to take a shower, let alone remember that I haven't blogged about our AMAZING trip that happened about a month ago!!! Sheesh!
But, here it goes....our trip to Mississippi was unforgettable and I loved every minute of it! (except for maybe the red headed child next to me who was throwing up on the flight down there and her father, who was sitting uncomfortably close, on the other side of me--didn't make sense!) But, the trip was great! My family LOVED Sebastian and Sebastian loves them! And, almost as important, Sebastian loves the South! (He's already planning our next trip down there!) But, here's our trip in pictures!
Jaiden LOVED his first plane ride (he actually started whining when we had to get off the plane!)
Uncle was SO excited to have Jaiden there--they had to sleep together! Such buddies :)
New Orleans the next day, or the day that Jordan just said, "Hi Jaiden, I'm Jordan!" and he was in love with her! (He wouldn't go to anyone else but Jordan!)
Bourbon Street--where we saw plenty of nudey bars! 
Family picture!
We had a great lunch with Alice! Love her so much!!!
And we had just enough energy to go swimming!
Sebastian's first time in the Gulf of Mexico! 
(Let's protect our Gulf Coast!!!)
Dog pile on Sebastian! Three of my favorite men!
How is this not adorable?! (Jaiden made that pose on his own--no one told him to do that!)
Happy Graduation, Jordan! :) 
This is just a brief synopsis of our incredible trip! I love it and had SO much fun!!! :) Hurrah for good friends, family, and food!!!--which basically sums up Mississippi.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oregon, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon

11 days on the open road and we still love each other. It's a miracle! :) In December, we started planning a trip. A road trip. The biggest and greatest road trip ever. It is a road trip that could even rival Goofy and Max's road trip on A Goofy Movie. Instead of giving a run through of our trip with tons of pictures (all of which are on facebook), I thought I'd talk about the people on our trip! This trip was incredible because of the people we spent time with--such wonderfully amazing people! :) So, here are the people of our 3,000 mile road trip through seven states!
Our first stop was Kennewick, Washington to spend the night with my grandparents! We love them so much and it was fantastic to spend time with them! They are full of great stories and always have the funnest things to say! :)
 Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures with them, but we did take pictures at the Columbia River Temple, which is right next to them! :)

Next stop was Rexburg, Idaho! Not my favorite climate, but I love the people there! :) Best friends are truly the best friends, and that's who we found in Rexburg!

 Sebastian and Chad enjoying some Ramirez!

Micah and I not missing a photo opportunity in Porters!

Next stop was Provo, Utah to visit some mission people (the Billings family and Derek Noyes--Sebastian's last companion--both of which we unfortunately didn't get pictures with! But we love them still the same!!!) Also in Provo were more best friends! 

 Mark and Sebastian! Never a better friend than Mark :)

Karleigh was too kind to entertain with a bum foot! (and to send me all the stuff I forgot!--Thanks again, Karleigh!!!)

Brer Corinne! (Seville's Disney friend!) at Hogle Zoo! Epic adventures, as always!

After spending good times with good friends in Provo, we jetted down to Cedar City, Utah! This was Sebastian's second area on his mission, and he hadn't been there since he served there--so about 4 years! We stayed with the Garners--a fantastic family who I was thrilled to meet! And, funny story, their son served part of his mission in Albany, and I had actually met him while he was serving here! Small world, huh??

"Mama" Garner

And the dog, Piper, who used to not be a fan of Sebastian--miracles do happen!!

We did visit some more amazing families while in Cedar City, but failed to take pictures (which I'm now really kicking myself for!)
But after Cedar City, our next destination was St. George--which we absolutely fell in love with! St. George is beautiful and sunny--if you've never been there, we highly recommend it! :) St. George was also Sebastian's first area and, like Cedar City, he hadn't been back to visit since he served there!

The Ashbys--Sebastian taught them when he was a greenie! The gratitude Heidi had to him was incredible and made me realize how important missionary work truly is! Way to be, Husband! :)

 And now we're to the Rogers--the family we stayed with in St. George! What a brilliant family! We love the Rogers family! They were so good to us and we had so much fun with them!!! :)

Our last stop was Vegas, where we stayed with Sebastian's Mom's best friend (so basically Sebastian's Aunt!) We had so much fun as she took us around to see Sebastian's old stomping ground--she's so much like Lisa, it's insane! We also were able to see my cousin and his cousin in their new and adorable house! It was great visiting with them!

Here's us at the Vegas temple...that was quite the adventure trying to find it! 

 And another adventure had was with Melissa, who thought that we were going in the entrance of Stripburger and didn't realize until we began to order that we were in a mexican restaurant :)

Our trip was full of wonderful people that truly made our trip as wonderful as it was! I loved seeing old friends and being able to catch up, visiting with family, and meeting the people who loved my husband while he was serving a mission. I am so grateful for all those who let us crash with them and for all who took time to see us! And a special thanks goes out to all the "mission families" we visited--thank you for being so good to Sebastian and making his mission so wonderful. Your kindness means so much more than you'll know :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Cute Little Place!

We moved! I know this is old news, but I haven't been able to blog about it yet!!! The entire process of finding a place, getting approved, and moving took about 2 weeks's been really crazy! But, we love our place and we're so happy to have a Strickler Abode! (Thanks to Mom and Calvin for letting us crash with them for 6 months! We love you guys!)
But, here are some pictures of our cute abode! We're not finished decorating yet, so please forgive the bare walls! (they won't be bare for too long...I can't handle the white walls!)
The day we moved in....a little tired :)
Our cute kitchen! The sign above the sink, made by Miss Micah Henneke, says "Music is the Prayer the Heart Sings"
Our "Family" wall
And the entertainment center! We have no TV, so we watch movies on our laptop for entertainment! And Carissa is making us a canvas painting for that nasty bare wall! 
It's a work in progress, but we love it so much! Our first little Strickler Abode! Thanks again to all those who sent us gifts for the wedding---we loved opening them up again while unpacking! It was like Christmas all over again! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My New Obsession.

Yoga. Never done it before--only pilates, thinking that the two were similar. Boy, was I wrong! Last night, Carissa and I went to a yoga class and I am officially obsessed! My favorite parts were when we did aversions, which involved headstands! (I've never done a head stand in my life ever, so that was a miracle!) And I loved the end of class where we laid on our mats in the dark while the instructor read "The Warrior's Prayer" by Stuart Wilde. This was such a powerful moment for me and I love this prayer. I hope you find some of goodness in it...

I am what I am.
In having faith in the beauty within me, I develop trust.
In softness I have strength.
In silence I walk with the gods.
In peace I understand myself and the world.
In conflict I walk away.
In detachment I am free.
In respecting all living things, I respect myself.
In dedication I honor the courage within me.
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.
In freedom I have power.
In my individuality, I express the God-Force within me.
In service I give of what I have become.
I am what I am:
Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.
And so be it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Years Ago Today...

Here comes another sappy lovey-dovey blog just be prepared for this!!!
2 years ago today, we went on our first date--which is also what we consider to be our "anniversary"! So, I've thought a lot about these last couple years (and still can't believe that we've been together 2 years!--that's a mission!!!), but I am just so grateful for such a great person I've been blessed with to share life together. I'm grateful for his patience and love and understanding--I could not ask for a better person! He's my ultimate best friend and I just love his stinking guts!!!
I'm glad that he took a chance on a silly girl and stuck through it--the good and the bad! And, I am so glad that he was an eager beaver and kissed me on that first date--that's when I knew he was mine! ;) ha!
He's the ice cream to my pazookie and I love him more and more everyday! Thanks for the greatest 2 years of my life!!!
(Pazookie is my favorite dessert--just so you know!)

Us, on our first date! (Sebastian was a bit chubby after the mission!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here Comes the Sun! (doo doo doo-doo!)

Well, I can't help but smile when news like this is delivered! (For those who haven't experienced a Willamette Valley winter, you'll never understand) But it all started with Tuesday. It was beautiful and sunny! And it continued on to first overcast, but it was as if God Himself moved those clouds and let the sunshine, let the sunshine in--the SUNSHINE IN!!! :) O my goodness! What a true miracle! And, looking on, there is forecasted another 6 days of sun with temperatures in the low 60's! HALLELUJAH!!!!
I have discovered that when there is sun, or even the promise of sun, that life is blissful and just all around better! Music sounds better, moods are chipper, going to class is a tiny bit more bearable (although I want to get out to enjoy the sun!), and my toes are finally emerging from their long winter's snooze!
Now, mind you, this warm and dry streak will only last for 5 more days, but it is a well-worth and well-deserved 5 days of life being a little better!
So, here's to you Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun--Please shine down on, please shine down on, please shine down on MEEEEE!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Event of Not Being a Teenager Any Longer!

My sweet sweet Husband deserves an award for the effort and amazing birthday he gave me--that's all there is to it! He's a hero for forever!
This was my first birthday we've celebrated together (we've been together for almost 2 years, and we seem to always miss my birthday together!) and it is going in the history books as the best birthday of forever! :)You see, I have the claim that all of February is my birthday--so it all started with Monday, February 1st when my sweet Chuffy Hubby proclaimed that he had a surprise for me! The surprise was a bag of Welch's Fruit Snacks! (The story behind the fruit snacks is that while we were dating we would have fruit snack eating contests--we'd shove a bag's worth of fruit snacks in our mouths and see who could eat them the fastest! (I won everytime!)
The surprise on Tuesday, the 2nd, was a 3-pack of  Trident Original Flavor gum! We're fans of gum and fresh breath is a must in our lives, so he gave me 3 packs of my favorite flavor of Trident gum (which is ADA approved!) *By this time, I knew that dear sweet Hubby was turning my birthday to our own celebration of Hannukah! Mazel Tov!*
Wednesday, the 3rd was a bag of Milky Way Midnight minis! (My favorite candy!) And Wednesday was the day Sebastian was vomiting :( Thursday was the movie "Crash", which we watched on Friday and it is amazingly powerful!!! (Good meaning!) Friday was back to school for Sebastian and the new Lady Antebellum cd for me! Which is amazing! :)
So, that brings us to Saturday! There were no surprises on Saturday because we had been planning Saturday for a good while! (Except our plan to go to the temple that afternoon was thwarted due to it being closed for maintenance--curses!) But after Sebastian got off work, we headed up to Portland for the night!!! We stayed in an amazing room which we got a killer deal on!
After getting settled in the hotel room, we decided to hit the town in search of grub!!! It was great just hanging out in Portland without any plans and just wandering around! We stopped at Chipotle for some delicious burritos--we tried going to some local places, but unfortunately, everything around there either had a HUGE line or you had to be 21+ to go into because it had a bar...So Chipotle sufficed and satisified! :)
After that, we headed to Voodoo Doughnuts!
You may have seen it featured on Man vs. Food! It truly is as amazing as it is portrayed on TV! We had to wait in line in the rain to get into Voodoo Doughnuts--but, as I told Sebastian, it was just like waiting in line for a ride at Disney! It was very worth the wait! :) Sebastian got the maple bar with bacon on it (he says it was delicious and wonderful), I got the triple chocolate penetration (chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate frosting and cocoa puffs on top, and we each got the raised doughnut with peanut butter and oreos on top! Needless to say, it was out of this world delicious time!!!!
We went back to the hotel and had a picnic on the bed with the doughnuts and milk!
After relaxing and watching some TV (Mean Girls, to be specific) and having a quick sleep, we got ready for the main event!!! The midnight showing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!! We, of course, dressed up! Sebastian was Brad Majors and I was Magenta!

We hokey pokey-ed our way down to the Clinton Street Theater, where there were hoards of Rocky Horror Fans lined up to get in! Since this was our first time watching the movie at that theater, we were deemed "virgins" and marked with red lipstick V's to show it! The experience of seeing it in the theater is one that is completely unforgettable! :) At first we were unsure of it all (there's just a lot going on during the show), but it started to grow on us--we're actually thinking about going back a second time! After that, it was about 3am, so we pretty much just collapsed once we got back to the hotel!
It was nice being able to sleep in! I think that was my favorite part! We didn't have to set any type of alarm or be up super early, so it was a great and wonderful birthday morning--to be able to sleep in with my wonderful Hubby!
After we got up and going, we took another stroll to Voodoo Doughnuts where this time we got the Voodoo dozen-where they choose the dozen for us-and some hot cocoa!!!
All in all, this has been the best birthday! My sweet Husband truly does deserve an award for giving me the greatest birthday known to man! He's a sweet man and I'm grateful for him! (And, hey!--now I know he really truly loves me!--not every husband would take his wife to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show AND dress up!) I love you Sebastian!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Tale of the Poor Sick Husband

It all started with a baby--like most stories do. This baby was a nephew to the Poor Sick Husband this tale is about. The baby began to vomit all sorts of gross things and people came from miles around to pay their sympathies to said baby. Well, a soon-to-be Poor Sick Husband was trying extra hard to be a great Uncle, so he loved this baby and helped take care of the baby--but, unbeknownst to him, the baby was passing his infectious nasties onto this helpful Uncle. This is where the Uncle becomes the Poor Sick Husband.
It was an early Wednesday morn and the alarm was going off much to early to be suitable. The Poor Sick Husband turned to his Lovely Wife and said, "I don't feel well. I'm going to take a shower and I'll probably feel better." The Poor Sick Husband came back into the room a few minutes later only to share the sad sad news that the baby had truly infected him and he had begun to vomit all sorts of gross things. This was a sad predicament for the Poor Sick Husband and his Lovely Wife.
Long story short, 'twas a sad day for the Poor Sick Husband who stayed home all day while his Lovely Wife had to attend classes and work. She longed to be with him and take care of him, but alas, someone must always be bringing home the bacon.
But, this tale does have a happy ending! Because of the Poor Sick Husband's all over fever, his Lovely Wife was warm all night because he was a toasty boasty! And the next day, the Poor Sick Husband became the Happy (Non Sick or Poor) Husband! Just in time for his Lovely Wife's birthday Celebration City tomorrow!
(Stay tuned for posts of the extravaganza!!!)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to School....

Well, this is a wee bit late--but better to have blogged than to have not blogged at all! 
So we started back up to school last week and--if I may be so bold to say--I am ready for it to be over already!!! Our schedules are so crazy busy that most days the only time we see each other is when we get home from work, but at that time we're both working on homework and being exhausted! Sheesh! Will it ever end?! (But, sadly, I have a feeling this term is preparing us for the "real world") 
I'm so proud of us though--Sebastian's taking 17 credits between OSU and LBCC! And working over 20 hours at Crossroads! (Yeah--that's my man!!) I'm only taking 9 credits at LBCC (but 5 of those credits is a single chemistry class) and I'm working 2 jobs!! So--it's really no wonder why our time together is limited!
But, this will be good a term! Chins up! :) It will build character and then we're that much closer to being done!!!