Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ending of an Adventure...finally!

Well, all my dear blogging friends, this shall be my last blog post from my adventures of my college internship at DisneyWorld! Of course, I couldn't end this adventure without some sort of adventure/mishap! At this exact moment, I am sitting in the Orlando International Airport and will be sitting here for the next seven hours! I arrived here closer to 10am only to find out that I would not be able to try being on standby, therefore I am forced to spend all day in this lovely airport! Luckily, I do have a friend here to pass the time with me! (Corinne--holla.)
So, now time for the thoughtful and deep and penitent moments were I say profound things about my experience...I do fear though that that will not happen! But, how about I start with some of my favorite things of this adventure:
-mishap adventures with Corinne
-Hollywood Studios
-the British Invasion band at Epcot (we only heard them about twice, but they are a favorite)
-the Celtic band in Downtown Disney that we only heard the end of their last song--well done, my friends!

-the people I worked with (for the most part) especially the full time culinaries who cared so much!
-guests who cared and sympathized and who always came to say hello to me :)

-the pool!

-the thunder and lightning storms

-Corinne freaking Patterson, my friend (who also happens to be a baby) I wouldn't have gotten through this program without her!
-Hot Tub Lovers and the Fingerlake Sisters :) (look it up! and
-and sticking it out and accomplishing this!
I am so so happy to be done! I feel like I've really done something--even though it was extremely difficult at times...most times! So it's time to get home and get married!
A week from today I'll be Mrs Sebastian and laughing about my eight hour wait in the airport!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Two Main Men in My Life...

Happy Birthday to My Baby Jaiden: Was it seriously a year ago that you were born? Hard to believe!!! So much anticipation for you to join the world and this past year you have been nothing but a blessing to our family! Jaiden Phoenix, I love you so much and I am so excited to continue to watch you grow and learn and smile! (and even more excited that I won't be doing this from a distance!) Happy First Birthday Little Baby Jaiden!

Happy Birthday to My Future Hubby: Sorry I wasn't there at your birth like I was at Jaiden's, but that would've just been weird!!! And, I'm sorry that I'm not there to celebrate your 23rd birthday with you--but you know that I'm only thinking of you on this great day! I should send your Mom and Dad a card thanking them for having you--they were swell people to do that! :) But, my dear Sebastian, I am looking forward to spending every birthday with you from now on--even when we're wrinkly and can't eat cake because it gives us gas and indigestion! Happy Birthday Buck!

I'm so happy to have these two men in my life! YAY for them for being born and having birthdays! :) So, I do believe that I am one of the luckiest ladies around to have them in my life! (And, just look at them, they are too adorable--best buddies right there!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Please Don't Ever Ever Even Ever....

My time at DisneyWorld has taught me a few things about customer service...and what I know I NEVER will do when I am a customer anywhere! I would like to pass that knowledge onto you...
--please trust that the employee does know what they're talking about (they went through training to have their job--they're not mindless homeless people picked up off the streets and given a name tag to)
--do not lie about how long you have been waiting for something (for example, if I told you that the soup would be ready in 5 minutes, do not come up 3 minutes later and tell me it's been 10 minutes since I told you that....liar)
--please put things away where you found them in a nice and proper way
--do not scream at your children in front of's rude and makes for an awkward situation when you turn around and are sunshine and smiles to us (we don't know when you're going to attack again or at whom)
--please make it a point to smell good. if you refuse to take care of your odor, then please stay out of our personal space--leaning in or over us to see our screen is a sure way to lose a limb if you smell bad :)
--and please, understand that whoever is helping you has probably answered the same questions all day, been standing in the same spot all day, is over worked and under paid, so be compassionate--they are still a human being, so treat them that way :)

Now, I know you must be thinking "wow--cranky lady!" But I have enjoyed my time at Disney, it's really opened my eyes and helped me to learn about myself...and also what to do and what to never ever even ever do when it comes to customer service :)