Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving and Fun!

We had the great privilege of having 3 Thanksgivings this year!!! It was a lot of food, a lot of family, and a lot of fun! 

#1 Thanksgiving: 22 November 2009 at Sebastian's dad's! It was crazy busy with so many people there! There were 8 of 9 children there (not including their friends and children and significant others), also Grandma Strickler, Larry, Lori, Cathy, and Roger...for a grand total of close to 20 people! It was a mad house, to say the least! But it was a lot of fun and good to see everyone :)
#2 Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving day at my mom's! This wasn't as eventful as #1, but it was still good fun! Unfortunately, Husband Friend had to work all day, so we were able to go to the Turkey Bowl together, but he had to take off before dinner :/ 
We had the elders over and Betty and Eddie, so it was definitely a little more low key than #1, but it was fun! At about 5ish I took Sebastian dinner and we had our first Thanksgiving together as Hubby and Wifey! It was great spending it at Crossroad's Deli!! But at 
least we spent it together :)

#3: 27 November 2009 at Sebastian's Mom's! Instead of the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, we had italian!!! Spaghetti with Daniel's magic red sauce! And, of course, butter dips and trifle! :) The food was delicious and the company was great--we missed Erin though! 

 Thanksgiving 2009 was fantastic!!! Although we couldn't actually spend Thanksgiving together because of silly work, we are very thankful for the many blessings in our lives. We are very blessed with fantastic family and friends and we have nothing to complain about :) I love my Husband Friend and I am beyond grateful for him!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Blogging World!

I promise we have not forgotten about you!!! We have been so so so ooberly busy with everything newlywed students have to do!!! But, a lot has been going on and we will update with pictures just as soon as we can!!! (which should be next week!) Love ya'll!!! --The Stricklers!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Officially Mr and Mrs Strickler!

Well this post is long overdue, but it's here! Our wedding was absolutely wonderful! The temple was fantastic and I love knowing that we're married to each other for forever! I love my best friend and love that he's now my husband!!!!


The ring ceremony and reception....a little more stressful than the temple ceremony...but well worth it! The ring ceremony was beautiful and so wonderful! (I thought so at least!)

We've been Mr and Mrs for a month as of today! How brilliant it has been! I just love my husband friend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ending of an Adventure...finally!

Well, all my dear blogging friends, this shall be my last blog post from my adventures of my college internship at DisneyWorld! Of course, I couldn't end this adventure without some sort of adventure/mishap! At this exact moment, I am sitting in the Orlando International Airport and will be sitting here for the next seven hours! I arrived here closer to 10am only to find out that I would not be able to try being on standby, therefore I am forced to spend all day in this lovely airport! Luckily, I do have a friend here to pass the time with me! (Corinne--holla.)
So, now time for the thoughtful and deep and penitent moments were I say profound things about my experience...I do fear though that that will not happen! But, how about I start with some of my favorite things of this adventure:
-mishap adventures with Corinne
-Hollywood Studios
-the British Invasion band at Epcot (we only heard them about twice, but they are a favorite)
-the Celtic band in Downtown Disney that we only heard the end of their last song--well done, my friends!

-the people I worked with (for the most part) especially the full time culinaries who cared so much!
-guests who cared and sympathized and who always came to say hello to me :)

-the pool!

-the thunder and lightning storms

-Corinne freaking Patterson, my friend (who also happens to be a baby) I wouldn't have gotten through this program without her!
-Hot Tub Lovers and the Fingerlake Sisters :) (look it up! and
-and sticking it out and accomplishing this!
I am so so happy to be done! I feel like I've really done something--even though it was extremely difficult at times...most times! So it's time to get home and get married!
A week from today I'll be Mrs Sebastian and laughing about my eight hour wait in the airport!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Two Main Men in My Life...

Happy Birthday to My Baby Jaiden: Was it seriously a year ago that you were born? Hard to believe!!! So much anticipation for you to join the world and this past year you have been nothing but a blessing to our family! Jaiden Phoenix, I love you so much and I am so excited to continue to watch you grow and learn and smile! (and even more excited that I won't be doing this from a distance!) Happy First Birthday Little Baby Jaiden!

Happy Birthday to My Future Hubby: Sorry I wasn't there at your birth like I was at Jaiden's, but that would've just been weird!!! And, I'm sorry that I'm not there to celebrate your 23rd birthday with you--but you know that I'm only thinking of you on this great day! I should send your Mom and Dad a card thanking them for having you--they were swell people to do that! :) But, my dear Sebastian, I am looking forward to spending every birthday with you from now on--even when we're wrinkly and can't eat cake because it gives us gas and indigestion! Happy Birthday Buck!

I'm so happy to have these two men in my life! YAY for them for being born and having birthdays! :) So, I do believe that I am one of the luckiest ladies around to have them in my life! (And, just look at them, they are too adorable--best buddies right there!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Please Don't Ever Ever Even Ever....

My time at DisneyWorld has taught me a few things about customer service...and what I know I NEVER will do when I am a customer anywhere! I would like to pass that knowledge onto you...
--please trust that the employee does know what they're talking about (they went through training to have their job--they're not mindless homeless people picked up off the streets and given a name tag to)
--do not lie about how long you have been waiting for something (for example, if I told you that the soup would be ready in 5 minutes, do not come up 3 minutes later and tell me it's been 10 minutes since I told you that....liar)
--please put things away where you found them in a nice and proper way
--do not scream at your children in front of's rude and makes for an awkward situation when you turn around and are sunshine and smiles to us (we don't know when you're going to attack again or at whom)
--please make it a point to smell good. if you refuse to take care of your odor, then please stay out of our personal space--leaning in or over us to see our screen is a sure way to lose a limb if you smell bad :)
--and please, understand that whoever is helping you has probably answered the same questions all day, been standing in the same spot all day, is over worked and under paid, so be compassionate--they are still a human being, so treat them that way :)

Now, I know you must be thinking "wow--cranky lady!" But I have enjoyed my time at Disney, it's really opened my eyes and helped me to learn about myself...and also what to do and what to never ever even ever do when it comes to customer service :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well, this is the other half of this blogging duo and I'm finally posting something!! I guess I just maybe thought that blogging was a female activity, but I know Seville would just love for me to blog every second of my day if I could ;) haha every once in a while will have to do :)

This sure has been quite the year! Finally, it's one month til the "big day" and less than a month til my princess comes home. Sometimes I can be emotional and mushy and all that too. I think blogging is supposed to bring out the emotional female attributes inside all of us "men" and so I'm gonna just blame the blogging whenever I get that way :D But seriously, what a year so far!!! How did we do this entire year, so far, apart from each other Seville?? How did we spend our entire engagement living through phone calls, text messages, skype, and picture messages?? It's amazing! Others would've given up and said to heck with it all...but we're not like other people. We're just mainly CRAZY! Crazy in general and also crazy about each other. Plus, we kinda have a bank account together and a few bills to take care of, not that bills are the only thing keeping us together :) but yeah, we've done quite well being apart. Pat on the back for both of us!

Seville and I do have quite the history, and she failed to mention her great plans she had for us and our future while she was just 14 years old. Not to embarrass you honey, but you left it out :) During "part one" of our relationship Seville just laid our future out right in front of me. We were gonna have our little "romance" til I left on my mission (and even during it I suppose) then I would return honorably and we were going to get married! The best part about her little plans is that she was completely right!! When I brought her little plans up during "part two" she was quite embarrassed but it was just cute of her! She predicted the future well :D

Well, we'll be Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian shortly (not Mrs. A-hole...inside joke) and it'll be just so very much fun! It's been a long time coming dear Seville and I just love you and I love how you giggle your way through life. I think it's very appropriate! The best day of my life is just right around the corner and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! So the countdown begins today. 30 DAYS LEFT!!

Hey's this for a post?? BOO YAH!

One More Month...

I absolutely cannot believe that it is one month until I am a married woman! The day that I've been dreaming about since I was a wee little one is fast approaching--it is so insane! But what seems more surreal to me is the fact that I'm marrying Sebastian Strickler! He's going to be my husband--crazy!!!!
For those who don't know, Sebastian and I have quite the "story"...

We met right after I turned 14 at a stake conference and I was smitten by his nose and he was smitten by my name. We had a "stake dance romance" where we would dance almost every song together and laugh and just enjoy each other. I looked forward to those dances like none other and spent so much time rehearsing what I'd say to him to make him think I was so witty and "mature" and what not. (Keep in mind, he was 17 and a senior in high school and I was 14 and an 8th grader! haha!)

But we weren't quite ready to be "a couple", so as pressure from outside sources got too much to bear, we ended our "fling."

I was very hurt by Sebastian, since he actually did the "ending" of the relationship, and I never wanted to see him again (you can just imagine me in a teenage tantrum vowing never to ever see him, right?!) But we went separate ways, he served a mission in the Utah Provo Mission and I continued on through high school. We rarely gave the other a second thought...until last February.

Long story short: he got home from his mission on February 7th (my 18th birthday) and 3 days after that, he was invited by my best friend to her Personal Progress recognition program. After the it was over, I walked out into the hall where he and his friend Samuel were standing and as I walked out there, we made eye contact and smiled and he said "wow!" And with that one word, I forgot about all the heartache and not-so-pleasant memories and focused on him.
We've been "together" since that night all because we were once again smitten by noses and names.
As you can see, our story isn't the typical "we met a BYU and we were engaged 3 weeks later" story...ours is one filled with drama (more than either one of us would like), trust, friendship, love, and braces :)

Not a day goes by that I'm not in some way amazed that a high school crush has become the one I'm marrying in a month! Sebastian, I thought that I had lofty dreams of one day marrying you, and never would have guessed that they would be coming true! Thank you so much for taking a chance on me twice and not giving up on us...I am so so so grateful for you and I can't wait to be your Mrs. Strickler! I'm excited to live everyday with you and to be your partner in life. I couldn't have pictured a better Prince Charming for me (even Prince Eric and Johnny Depp don't compare to you!) Thank you for supporting me in my goals and dreams (and letting me go across the country for our entire engagement!)

Sebastian Paul, you are my sunshine and my only hope and everything that's lovely! I'll see you so soon and then we'll be E.B's! :) I love you and I have missed you like crazy! Let's get married!!!
"I could stay out here all night, if you were by my side.
We'd be wrapped up in these blankets and I swear I'd hold you tight....
I gave you my heart that night, and when I'm with you there are always butterflies"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Mommy....

Summertime is Mom time for me. Since she's been a teacher for the past ever, I've been able to hang out with her during summers growing up! So, needless to say, I miss my Mom! This is one of the few summers I've been without my Mommy, but I'm so glad for the little reminders I have of her! For example, yesterday at work, a live band was playing all sorts of songs (and I realized I am SO much like my Mom because I couldn't not dance and sing along :) ) But when they started playing "Mardi Gras Mambo" and "Iko Iko", I couldn't contain my happiness! So many memories of Mom playing those songs in our many homes and her many classrooms and all of us just rockin' out to it! I love my Mom! Some more fond memories of Mom...
-Adam Ant
-countless trips to Washington
-waking up on Sunday mornings to her blasting church music through the house
-snuggling on the couch with her
-River Rhythms
-her classroom (our second home)
-summer home improvement projects (the fence, cleaning, the garage....the garage)
-dancing while disco, or any music, is playing
-the same questions for home videos ("what's your name?" "how old are you?" "where are we?")
-not being able to figure out the remotes :)
-happy bread
-dark chocolate!!!
-and so so many more!
So, Mom, I thought you should know (blogging style) that I love you so so much! You are my hero and I admire you so much :) You have influenced and shaped my life in such an incredible way--I thank you for that. You have touched the lives of so many and have done so much good that I think I'll nominate you to be the next Patron Saint! I'm sorry for the times I was being a pubescent teenager with mood swings like a tornado, but we survived that! (What a miracle!) Since day one, you have set me on the right path for success in my life, and I know that if it wasn't for your hard work, I wouldn't be where I am now--about to start my own famiy! :) I'm so proud to be your daughter and wouldn't choose another Mommy ever!!!
So, in closing...You gave us life, You gave us milk, Your name is Laurie, an Angel from Heaven.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Epcot on a Day Off!

We went to Epcot for my past day off (if you couldn't tell by the title of this post) and here are the highlights of the journey:
--We walked by this father and son just in time to hear the father loudly scold his son, "Don't EVER put your fingers there!!!" We will never know where the young boy's fingers were, but it did make everything the best! And, I do agree with that wise father--don't ever put your fingers there--words to live by.
--And we went on the ride Spaceship Earth and the ride makes you cute little videos of your "future"'s ours :)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Must Live with Boys....

I wake up in the morning, excited to eat some good ol' cereal...only to find that ALL the dishes are dirty. How this is possible--I will never know. So I attempt to load the mountains of dishes into the dishwasher, only to find that it is indeed full and all the dishes in there are also dirty. So, instead of being able to satisfy my after-sleep hunger, I am stuck doing dishes. About 30-40 minutes later I am finally able to enjoy my breakfast.
You may think this is a once-in-awhile experience, but no. My good people, this is a daily event! I fear the trek from my room to the kitchen because I do not know what kind of filth disaster awaits for me (but I do know that filth does await). And, on "good" mornings, the mess is extended from out of the kitchen onto the table and into the living room and to where the computers are. But I must say that my personal favorite is when there is left over food stuck to the stove and on the floor!
Now, keep in mind that I do in fact live with three other girls...but I am starting to question that fact. Most girls (if not all) have some sort of internal meter that tells them when they are being too much of a slob...but I guess my roommates' meters have malfunctioned. I can actually say that I have not seen such laziness or lack of cleaning up after oneself (a basic function) since Sebastian was living in Provo with five other boys.
Thus, I conclude, that I must be living with boys...

(Wish me luck! Only 8 weeks til I'm home!!!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

63 Hours...In One Week?!

Well...I learned something new about myself this past is possible to work 63.5 hours in one week and not die!!!! Whoo!!! It was quite the long week with some LOONNNGGG shifts and not enough sleep, but I did it!!!
Now, the million dollar question: will I do it again? Probably......not. That is just too much for one girl to handle (especially when she's planning a wedding!)
It all paid off though when I was able to go to Star Wars weekend on Sunday and live in Star Wars land--a dream come true!!! :) I rode 2 of my favorite rides with little wait, enjoyed the sun, spent time with a good friend, and met Darth Vader and Darth Maul--who could ask for more?!?! Such a reward for a hard week's work!!!!
Now...a week of "rest"!!! (meaning only 48 hours of work--not 63.5!)
To all, have a great week!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

1 Month Down!!!

Well, I've been in Florida for a month now--working for a mouse! It's been....interesting! Everything hasn't been how I expected, but it's good! :) I'm finally getting the groove with work and I am for sure liking being a cashier a lot more than working in the shops with the food! I don't think I'll ever love my costume though--I don't think I make a good Aunt Jemima...
Planning the wedding has been a great time consumer! It is the perfect thing to keep me busy and not focusing on how much I actually miss home!!! I love it! :) But, doing a cross-country wedding planning is pretty interesting--YAY for modern technology!!! The calls and texts and emails are never ceasing! I really didn't realize all the little things that have to go into a wedding! I thought I was set when all the big decisions were made--oh how naive I was!!!!
Sebastian has been a great help though--he's been pretty involved with the planning and he's getting the "yes dear" and "whatever you think is best" phrases down! :) I love him!!!
So...hopefully this is what a blog is suppose to be!!! I'm not quite sure about this whole thing yet... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We've finally done it!

Hello! We're getting a jumpstart on this blog thing so that when we're married we'll be pros at this...but this blogging thing seems to be harder than expected! I cannot figure this out for the life of me!!! So, hopefully this works...we'll have to see! :)