Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wow! Time Does Fly!

I've realized that life with a baby makes everything go by faster! Not trying to sound cliche, but it seriously feels like Phoenix was just a newborn! Sebastian reminded me this morning that in a few days Phoenix is going to be 8 months old! Whaaat?!?! (Psych reference for those viewers) And since I last blogged about Phoenix being 5 months old, I'll give a quick highlight of what is going on with the Stricklers with an almost 8 month old!
Let's start with the Phoenix boy!  At his 6 month appointment he was weighing in at 19 lbs and 27 inches long! He's a big guy! He has 4 teeth--2 top, 2 bottom--and he LOVES eating! He goes through baby food like no one's business! He's crawling and pulling himself up on everything and getting into everything as well! (Keeping us on our toes and constantly chasing him around!)
 He's walking along all the furniture and we think that he's going to start walking on his own soon. (insert sarcastic "yay!" right here!) He also is a fan of music and loves dancing to music. He plays pat-a-cake and says "Dada", "Mama", and "yay"! We're so proud of him! (if you couldn't tell by the whole list of brags I came up with! haha!) The only thing he's lacking We're seriously considering is a toupee.
(Did I also mention that he's quite the equestrian as well?? He oft rides in the country side in the morn)

Now onto Phoenix's parents....we're good. Obsessed with this baby! The end.
Haha! Just jokes! We're doing great! We kiss Phoenix more than he likes and we laugh and play and lose sleep with him! (another sarcastic "yay" please)
I've just been working and keeping it real! The best thing to happen to me is my domination of cookies! I finally mastered the art of cookie making!!!! Holla! So, to our diet's dismay, I'm making cookies multiple times a week--woops! But I am doing zumba almost everyday so it cancels the cookies out, right??? :)
Sebastian is awesome! He's rocking school--taking most of his classes online and doing a great job staying on top of it all! Sebastian is super crazy about his baby boy Phoenix! He's also going to start playing Hurling (Irish field hockey) soon! Yay!
But Strickler life is good! We have some great adventures coming up and we're loving life!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Phoenix

Well, he's 5 weeks old and I better blog about him and introduce him! He's Phoenix Lysander Strickler and we are so in love with him! He's the perfect baby--I couldn't have asked for a better baby! Let's start with "The Story"... :)

It was June 1st and Phoenix's due date and Sebastian was sick. He didn't feel well and slept most of the day. He had a fever that evening and, of course, that's when I started having contractions! So between taking care of Sebastian and having contractions, I didn't get much sleep! About 3am, the contractions were getting pretty regular and by 9am they were 10 minutes apart and getting closer and closer! I called the Dr office at 11:30am and was told to call back at 2pm when my contractions were closer together and more intense! Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed about having to wait! But, by noon the contractions were every 4-5 minutes and oober painful, and, of course, EVERYONE in the Dr office was at lunch when I called at 12:25pm! So, Sebastian and I gathered our bags and drove to the hospital. (The whole way I was telling Sebastian to drive faster--but I'm pretty sure driving 70mph on highway 20 is plenty fast!)
We were admitted in to the hospital at 2:30pm and I was at 5cm dilated (all the nurses were impressed with how long I labored at home! I felt like a hot-shot!)
So, then came the moms (my mom and Sebastian's mom) and a short 6(ish) hours after being admitted to the hospital, extreme back labor, and an epidural that didn't quite was time to push! And 45 minutes later, Phoenix was born! (Side note: the Dr barely made in time--she walked in putting her booties on as his head was coming out!)
But he was healthy and hefty--weighing 9lbs 7oz, 20 1/2 inches long!
We're so blessed to have such a great baby! We've loved the past 5 weeks and just can't get enough of him! I feel super grateful to have Sebastian to help me--he even takes the night shifts with the baby so I can sleep! Love him!!! :)
Here are the most recent pictures of our sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disneyland and Pregnancy...

You may ask yourself, "what is a gal to do when she's 34 weeks pregnant??" Well, the answer is simple! She must spend the weekend in Disneyland!
Here's how it all went down...
As you may recall, I worked at DisneyWorld the summer before Sebastian and I got married! Yay for the fun! And when I came back and started going to school again, I was a Campus Rep for the College Program and during that time I earned two 1-day park hoppers! Which I forgot about until I recently received an email informing me that they were expiring April 30th! So, being the crazy and spontaneous kids we are, we took advantage of the last week I can travel before the baby comes and headed down to Disneyland! :)

 On the tram to Disneyland! Sebastian didn't have any idea what sort of fun was in store! (and I couldn't contain my excitement!!!) We started the morning in Disneyland!

 Sebastian's first Disney ride--The Jungle Cruise! We could only go on the more "mellow" rides due to my fragile state (I did try to trick to Sebastian onto letting me go on a couple bigger rides!) It was great because we could experience the park more and less of the crazy lines :) But, we already are looking at when to go back so we can ride those big rides! (If I have it my way, next stop will be DisneyWorld!)

 In line for one of my favorites--Peter Pan's Flight :)

 Sebastian's first Mickey Ears! Styled after R2D2 with Sebastian's name on the back! I forgot to bring mine, but Sebastian proudly wore his all day! :) 

 One thing I was looking forward to the most...a Mickey Premium Bar. It's like mana from Heaven. promise.

 California Adventure in the afternoon! 

 The LONGEST line, but SOO worth it! Toy Story Mania! So much fun and a new favorite for the Stricklers!

 And...I kicked Sebastian's butt at Toy Story Mania! (and I wasn't even trying!)

 Dreams really do come true....

It was such a great weekend and we had some much-needed time together! Life has been crazy with both of us working opposite schedules and Sebastian going to school and getting ready for the baby that I feel like we haven't had time to be together for the past month! So I'm really glad we were able to do one last crazy thing together before the baby comes! Thanks Sebastian for being so wonderful and taking your crazy Disney-obsessed 34 1/2 week pregnant wife to Disneyland!!! :) I love you so much! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, I have realized that the more pregnant I get, the more like a 7 year old I become--in regards to food, that is. My cravings are ridiculously child-like that it cracks me up! Here is what our fridge/cupboards hold for this 24 week pregnant gal....
-soft pretzels
-ice cream
-cinnamon rolls
-chocolate bars
-peanut butter
-toaster strudels
And to top it all off...I just recently purchased Gummi Prenatal Vitamins! If that's not exactly like a 7 year old then I don't know what is! :)
But, on the more healthy side...I am in love with milk, apples, berries, and granola :)
We're all doing well--I know, it's been forever since my last post! But, life is good in the Strickler house! Sebastian's kicking serious butt at school and I'm curing all sorts of nasty eye diseases at work! Our baby is doing great! He's a mover and shaker--kicking me all the time! He's due June 1st and we're so anxious to meet him! (and to see if he'll have his dad's HUGE nose!) haha!

Monday, December 27, 2010

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dreams Truly Do Come True!

It is a fact that I want to be Lady Gaga and have Freddie Mercury as my man. Well, my dreams came true in the form of Halloween-it truly was a Halloween miracle!

 My Mr. Mercury (Wembley style!)

 Rock Royalty? I think so!

 Po-po-po-poker face!

Up-close of Carissa's make-up work! (and I just noticed that my right eye is tweaking a bit!)

But, in conclusion, my dreams did come true and life is bliss :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Deep South!

Okay, I FAIL at blogging!!! I've been so busy (new job!) that I've hardly had time to remember to take a shower, let alone remember that I haven't blogged about our AMAZING trip that happened about a month ago!!! Sheesh!
But, here it goes....our trip to Mississippi was unforgettable and I loved every minute of it! (except for maybe the red headed child next to me who was throwing up on the flight down there and her father, who was sitting uncomfortably close, on the other side of me--didn't make sense!) But, the trip was great! My family LOVED Sebastian and Sebastian loves them! And, almost as important, Sebastian loves the South! (He's already planning our next trip down there!) But, here's our trip in pictures!
Jaiden LOVED his first plane ride (he actually started whining when we had to get off the plane!)
Uncle was SO excited to have Jaiden there--they had to sleep together! Such buddies :)
New Orleans the next day, or the day that Jordan just said, "Hi Jaiden, I'm Jordan!" and he was in love with her! (He wouldn't go to anyone else but Jordan!)
Bourbon Street--where we saw plenty of nudey bars! 
Family picture!
We had a great lunch with Alice! Love her so much!!!
And we had just enough energy to go swimming!
Sebastian's first time in the Gulf of Mexico! 
(Let's protect our Gulf Coast!!!)
Dog pile on Sebastian! Three of my favorite men!
How is this not adorable?! (Jaiden made that pose on his own--no one told him to do that!)
Happy Graduation, Jordan! :) 
This is just a brief synopsis of our incredible trip! I love it and had SO much fun!!! :) Hurrah for good friends, family, and food!!!--which basically sums up Mississippi.